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Misdiagnosis of Patients

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Misdiagnosis of Patients

A study by the BMJ Quality & Safety found that the rate of misdiagnosis in outpatients to be at least as high as 1 in every 20 outpatients.  Outpatients are those who are provided with care by a Hospital without being admitted as a patient.  The information is supplied as a result of a study carried out by Doctor Hardeep Singh and Researcher Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Centre in Texas who is an associate Professor at Paylor College and Medicine Safety.  Doctor Singh based his findings on data available to him from a number of studies which he previously conducted to assist him in analysing the rates of misdiagnosis in outpatient cases.  The studies conducted by Doctor Singh showed misdiagnosis in lung and colon cancer patients and also in primary care.  A misdiagnosis is defined as when a patient presents with clear symptoms which were not properly identified nor for which proper treatment was prescribed.  Doctor Singh said “we call it a misdiagnosis when there was a definite missed opportunity to make a timely, correct diagnosis based on information available at that time.”

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