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Claims for defective Intraocular lenses

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Claims for defective Intraocular lenses

Claims for compensation due to defective Intraocular lenses provided to patients suffering from cataracts

A European company manufacturing intraocular lenses has recalled its product because of problems with the lens clouding after it has been implanted during surgery. Patients who have received the lens have complained that after a period of time, usually one to two years their vision becomes clouded and unclear in the eye which has received the lens. The cause of the cloudiness in the lens has been identified as a fault in the production process. The cloudiness results in a loss of vision in the affected eye. When this happens patients are required to undergo revision surgery. Where the original device is defective and revision surgery is necessary, the patient in that instance may be entitled to pursue an action for compensation against the manufacturer of the device and/or the HSE. Patents undergoing surgery for the implantation of the Lens are not guaranteed a good result in all cases although based on the figures currently available 95% of operations do provide a good result. If you have received a defective lens you may be entitled to pursue an action for compensation. Gearoid Howard of Crimmins Howard Solicitors is currently assisting a number of clients in their actions against the manufacturer of the defective lens. Should you require advice or assistance in this area, please do not hesitate to contact Gearoid Howard who will be happy assist you.

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