Lady awarded €52,000 compensation - Crimmins Howard Solicitors
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Lady awarded €52,000 compensation

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Lady awarded €52,000 compensation

Lady involved in Horse riding accident was awarded €52,000 compensation by the High Court.

Ms. Jacqueline Whelan had sued Castle Leslie Equestrian Holidays Limited the owners of Castle Leslie, County Monaghan as a result of a horse riding accident in which she was involved in February of 2016 when the horse which she was riding was startled by a loose dog and she fell from the horse suffering significant injury.    It was Ms. Whelan’s case that Castle Leslie had failed to provide her with a suitable horse giving her level of inexperience and also they failed to ensure that the horse riding activity would take place in an area or along a route where the horse was not, likely to be startled or set upon by a dog or other interferences.   Hearing evidence in the case Mr. Justice Barr accepted Ms. Whelan’s evidence that she had experienced considerable pain and discomfort during the period after the accident and had been left with some scarring.  In addition Ms. Whelan had been knocked unconscious for a short period immediately after the incident had occurred.


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